Anonymous said: Please stay


Anonymous said: I love you so much, and I wish things were different and that you would stay and re-upload the amazing stories you have translated because i'm really going to miss them.


thank you

Anonymous said: Sigh. This is all really upsetting and I'm upset and sorry that things had to end this way- full of drama and rude comments. I'm going to miss your versions of the stories and all but I admire you for sticking to your word and demanding the respect you deserve. I love you! Hope you're doing well and I hope you do well without all this unnecessary drama in your life. Thank you for the stories you have shared because they have literally made my life. Thanks for being awesome I guess. God bless. <3

I’m going to miss messages like this one…

Thank you.

Anonymous said: link to help wanted pls before you go
I will be deleting this tumblr. I hope that all of you can find love in this world because some of you clearly need it. God bless you all!
Anonymous said: how are you gonna talk about respect when youre constantly bashing other celebrities and authors, honestly thats so hypocritical and disgusting all people wanna do is read twbb and twbf like just post the stories and be done with it



I have provided you with the links to both stories. All you have to do is copy and paste them into the URL bar. Then hit enter! It’s that easy…

By the way, I think starving children not having food of water is much more “disgusting” than my lack of “respect”.

God bless.

Anonymous said: why talk about respect when you lack so much of it. until you can give it, don't expect to receive it.

It really is unfortunate that people can’t just promote love. Please consider thinking about what respect truly is. God bless.

Anonymous said: this whole situation is bullshit im sorry but someone stole your version of twbb/twbf, so what she's literally worthless why are you putting so much energy into her. she hasn't been active online for 4+ months&honestly you're talking about respect and stuff but everyone that matters gave you enough of it. a lot of people have been loyal to twbb/twbf&just bc someone did something bad, it doesnt mean everyone has to suffer. just pls be considerate&think about reposting the story that so many love



I hope someone teaches you to be nicer to people :) There is so much love and joy in this world and I don’t see how you don’t see that! God bless.

rosaax1997 said: Where can i find There WIll Be Blood? I can find Freedom but not Blood....

Just google There Will Be Blood fanfiction

Anonymous said: help wanted was not posted anywhere except for here.. i agree w the other anon ;/ IT SUCKSSS

It’s on